Category: Portraits

  • The multiple expressions of Ella

    The multiple expressions of EllaPortraying the British screenwriter, playwright and actor Ella J Road and her multiple expressions.She is best known for her stage-play The Phlebotomist and recently co-writer for the 2022 specials for Doctor Who. Other portraits of her now on my updated portraiture gallery

  • The making of an Oscars 2022 dress

    Documenting with my images the making of an Oscars 2022 dress made by Patrick McDowell. An emotion to follow the phases of the creation of this vision for West Side Story actress Paloma Garcia Lee. One week ago I made these pictures at their studio at JCA.Paloma Garcia Lee graced the red carpet in this […]

  • Lucie Gledhill portrait on The Sunday Times’ Style magazine

    Published today on The Sunday Times’ Style magazine my portrait of the talented jeweller Lucie Gledhill made at her studio in London.

  • Lewis Campbell Portraits

    Lewis Campbell aka Lost Monkey is a a London artist, illustrator and animator. I depicted him in his studio in North London on a sunny December afternoon.

  • Archie Proudfoot portraits

    Archie Proudfoot is an Artist and Sign Painter based in north London. Master of the gold leaf technique he creates signs by hand from start to finish. He works for businesses across London and creates his own personal pieces.