Category: editorials

  • Endless waiting.

    Endless waiting. No time to waste while summer’s already over. From “The Life Outside” editorial.

  • The Life outside video

    While developing the story through images on the shooting day I made some video footage with the idea of incorporating this to the visual storytelling we were after for “The LifeOutside”.The summer was ending but we were blessed by the first autumn sun on that day; it was a perfect situation to create and add some…

  • “Becoming” Beauty photography Editorial, part 2

    This is the second part of “Becoming”, beauty photography editorial that I composed with several pictures and looks.Above all I aimed to focus on the mutability of beauty experienced by the character. Because of this make ups brought her to live emotions and the consciousness of mutability.Vivid orange mood. Make up made by Tamara TottModel…

  • “Becoming” Beauty photography Editorial, part 1

    This is “Becoming”, beauty photography editorial that I composed with several pictures and looks.

  • No Need To Cut Them

    Still living flowers for a truthful still life The classical definition of “still life” didn’t suit this project and I didn’t want to deprive life from these natural jewels.This is “No Need To Cut Them”, a personal project.

  • Faces of London

    Faces of London is an ongoing personal work. I made pictures of models in a studio environment and views of London that caught my eyes.

  • The inner light

    The inner light is a sparkle, is the imagination that frees ourselves. I edited these images while, here in UK, the lockdown has been extended.