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Portfolio Lorenzo Berni Photographer based in London

Falling into a new reality

Falling into a new reality designed to fight the virus last spring really affected myself, my thoughts and my imagination.In those days I felt somehow deprived of an entire season, spring, a time of a year when I particularly love London as well as fall.
During the lockdown I had time to get bored, to feel the boredom, to appreciate it. It is something that is not anymore part of my life due to the everyday commitments and the endless entertaining offered by this digital era.
On those days I imagined a story able to tell and sum up a sense of loss for a season but also a conscience of acceptation, the one that makes this character able to create her own summer in an urban context.

Lorenzo Berni fashion editorial "Lost Summer" the weird summer of 2020
From “Lost Summer” editorial

Falling into a new reality of summer of 2020 has been a weird one here in London.After the infinite obligatory time spent at home she decided to make her own summer even if stuck in urban landscapes.No sand but a pavement to lie on halfway between nuances of nostalgia and the inner desire of wellbeing. She lives her reality as the days go by with the indomitable will of creation given by imagination.

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