Hair: The imperfectly perfect seduction tool.

Before this shooting I had a long conversation with @scottstarrenburg the head of the @un.labeld and we discussed extensively on the false perception of Beauty given by the Social Media Culture.

While we were talking we agreed on how this culture is toxic and made up by filters and tools aimed to false the perception of ourselves; we’ve been suggested that we should always been in control of our appearance as if this should always to be constantly subject of our judgement because never really perfect.

But in reality there is beauty in the imperfections, in reality we are not always in control of everything and hair can testify it properly.
These are what makes us humans and ourselves.
We concluded that there is a special charm in getting ready with a proper make up and hair sculpted but after that there is a life to live.

Hair, once ready, are an incredible and powerful seduction tool and are able to boost confidence. They move, live and transform themselves in an imperfectly perfect creative and beautiful way.We felt that this was inspiring and with @julien.sega we worked on this shooting startting the amazing @anouklassalle and @marthainoue on the make up.Imperfection is beauty, imperfection is life and in the movement of our life there’s perfection.
That is creativity.

from the shot for @un.label


We are not always in control
We are not always in control. A shooting made by Lorenzo Berni

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