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  • We are not always in control

    Before this shooting I had a long conversation with @scottstarrenburg the head of the @un.labeld and we discussed extensively on the false perception of Beauty given by the Social Media Culture. The Toxic Culture of Social Media While we were talking we agreed on how this culture is toxic and made up by filters and tools aimed to false […]

  • Anouk x UnLabeld

    Anouk x UnLabeld.Beauty/Hair shooting made for UnLabeld hairstyle in Dalston, London, 2022Team @scottstarrenburg@julien.sega@marthainoueand@anouklassalle

  • The multiple expressions of Ella

    The multiple expressions of EllaPortraying the British screenwriter, playwright and actor Ella J Road and her multiple expressions.She is best known for her stage-play The Phlebotomist and recently co-writer for the 2022 specials for Doctor Who. Other portraits of her now on my updated portraiture gallery

  • The Life outside video

    While developing the story through images on the shooting day I made some video footage with the idea of incorporating this to the visual storytelling we were after for “The LifeOutside”.The summer was ending but we were blessed by the first autumn sun on that day; it was a perfect situation to create and add some […]

  • “The Life Outside” 2nd and final part

    The Life Outside is the second part of a story developed thinking at 2 different time frames. The 1st part is called “Locked In” where my character is forced at home. Here in this second part she’s out again and driving away is a way to open herself to new paths to be discover yet. […]

  • “Locked In” 1st part of “The Life Outside”

    By working on several images I have developed this story, “The Life Outside”, in two parts. Here I publish “Locked In”, 1st part of “The Life Outside” where my character feels her isolation in her spaces. Time flews inside her rooms or balconies: she feels the need to live again outside the perimeter of her […]

  • “Becoming” Beauty photography Editorial, part 2

    This is the second part of “Becoming”, beauty photography editorial that I composed with several pictures and looks.Above all I aimed to focus on the mutability of beauty experienced by the character. Because of this make ups brought her to live emotions and the consciousness of mutability.Vivid orange mood. Make up made by Tamara TottModel […]

  • “Becoming” Beauty photography Editorial, part 1

    This is “Becoming”, beauty photography editorial that I composed with several pictures and looks.

  • Patrick McDowell Portraits

    Patrick McDowell is a Fashion Designer from Liverpool now based in London.With his work he his an advocate of the environmental change within the fashion Industry. Patrick collaborate with brands to promote sustainability; he strives to reinvent luxury through a sustainable mindset. His latest work has been a collaboration with the brand Pinko: “REIMAGINE, PATRICK […]

  • Archie Proudfoot portraits

    Archie Proudfoot is an Artist and Sign Painter based in north London. Master of the gold leaf technique he creates signs by hand from start to finish. He works for businesses across London and creates his own personal pieces.