The inner light

Lorenzo Berni Portfolio, Photographer London

I edited these images “the inner light” while, here in UK, we received the confirmation of the extension of the lockdown for 3 weeks further.
London is currently silent and slow. Sometimes appear eerie sometimes peaceful. So different from how I used to see and live it everyday, busy, energetic and tireless.
During the first four weeks confined the silence had became the soundtrack of my time and I filled those moments with works and words.

In this phase the vibrant lights of a night out are just like a dream as the only flares that we are allowed to experience are the ones in our homes, limited spaces that define our times. Along with those there are  the ones within ourselves, inner lights that keep enlightening in the endless fields of our imagination, our hopes and our desire that these times will end sooner that expected, that these struggling will give a deeper meaning of being together.

The inner light is a sparkle.

The inner light is a sparkle,  is the imagination that frees ourselves.
It keeps us imagining a better future, even here in these hard and painful times. Confined in our living spaces, there is time to feel the silence, to give it a physical shape. Can you notice how thick it’s become? How loud is it now? If unwanted, if imposed, the silence screams. Constrained in those rooms, houses or even gardens it is easy to feel our anxieties; fears coming closer, like shadows obscuring our thoughts and stealing our hope.

Light shines inside our homes, always inside ourselves

Still, although dim, a light shines inside our homes, always inside ourselves. Just like the Sun that disappears leaving space to the night; there will come a time when its warmth and strength will shine even stronger. That would be the sign that the worse is over.